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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sextortion Scam

Title: Sextortion Scam

As a photographer, I received a lot of new strange friends’ requests on Facebook almost every day. Some of them even leave me a Private message saying that they wanna be friends and offer me for a free shooting. My friends thought I’m so lucky to be able to have ‘free lunch’ everyday but hey, I am actually saying NO to them.

Why? Simply because I thought it is too good to be true! Don’t you think so too?
There are so many news about Sextortion scams happening daily around the World. We have seen men being trapped by ‘pretty women’ on the Internet to take off their clothes for the imaginary Internet Sex. And then what happen the next day? The man being blackmail for money.
On the other hand, we also heard that women being cheated by some ‘handsome and rich men’ who came from overseas. They fell in love so much that the guy wanted to marry the girl but he has some financial problems, thus the woman transferred all their hard earn money to the virtual boy friend and thus lost all their money at last.

In fact, I believe this Sextortion case is happening every moment, even when you are reading this post right now.
For me, I always think that we must be extra careful when using the Internet. Sometimes, we still have to protect ourselves to maintain our privacy. Do not disclose too much on the Internet especially to strangers or even close friends. Who knows what is their intention, right?

If you happen to be a victim of Sextortion, you might wanna check out AskLegal as it offers free articles and advices. For more information, visit;
Ask Legal website - https://asklegal.my/


  1. thank you for the valuable info...

  2. This is a good reminder to all of us, no matter what age or gender, that this is a real threat. And thanks for letting us know where to seek legal advice, should we need it

  3. Sextortion...so common and so much reports on it. Yet strangely people still fall for the trip and get extorted.

  4. I agree.. we should not trust people so easily online..and we should learn to be more careful.. thanks for the great info

  5. This is a serious crime, we need to raise the awareness especially among the female online users :)

  6. Good to know about this and thanks for sharing it